SlackFTP is a set of two alternative Slackware Linux installation floppies, which allow you to install Slackware Linux via FTP. SlackFTP uses the ftpfs kernel module for providing FTP connectivity. The SlackFTP project was started Juan F. Codagnone.

Short instructions

  • Get a bootdisk (e.g. bare.i) and the install.1 image from a Slackware Linux FTP mirror.
  • Get the SlackFTP install.2 and network.dsk disk images.
  • Write these disk images to floppy using dd or rawrite.
  • Start the Slackware installation system using the boot, install.1 and install.2 disks.
  • Log on as "root" and execute the "network" command. Insert the network.dsk disk and enter "f" to load FTP installation support.
  • Continue the installation as usual and select "FTP" as the source medium.


The SlackFTP disk images can be downloaded at the SlackFTP download site. Please note that the current Slackware Linux 9.1 disks are still beta.

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SlackFTP is not officially related to Slackware Linux Inc.